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Constantly striving for sensor solutions to business needs

  • Sustained Design
    We use best practice techniques to create the best design considering various parameters to be used for various application
  • Built Quality
    We ensure full quality of sensor manufactured under our state of the art manufacturing unit.
  • Leading Service
    Currently available in Indian markets and very soon available in overseas markets, once our basket becomes more ranges and varieties of sensors
  • Warranty
    Dappr Sensors comes with 1 year warranty against any manufacturing defects from the date of issue.
  • Tailor Made Designs
    We have a highly dedicated team working for the design of customized sensors for your demanding applications.
  • Reliable Delivery
    We deliver your products at the right time we promised.


Kickstart your business.

A high-performance sensor, robust to all working conditions works with higher accuracy and on most challenging applications and conditions. Its ergonomic design leads to adapt to harsh environments.

We’re always looking for talent

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